Residential Workshop: Angels and Archangels

in English with Polish translation
Date : 12 / Jul / 2015
Address : Dwor Droblin, 21-542 Lesna Podlaska, Droblin 80, Poland

Droblin, Poland

Residential Workshop: Angels and Archangels

RESIDENTIAL WORKSHOP: Angels and Archangels 12 – 17th July

(in English with Polish translation)

All information and bookings: Agnieszka Jurko [email protected]

Angels and Archangels have existed in our consciousness for thousands of years but the truth is: we are all angels. During this week’s residential, I will help you to remember and experience this by connecting you to the angelic realms. Feel the support of your own Guardian Angel as you work with the Angels of Love, Forgiveness, Abundance, Laughter and Gratitude to help you heal the past, cleanse and raise the vibration of every cell in your body and express the truth of who you are. Learn to use your angelic voice with sound meditation and chanting to summon angels with sound, and feel their harmonising presence as you open your heart and let them effortlessly sing through you like liquid flame, cleansing and invigorating you. You will also connect with the higher dimensions to access the power of the four main Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.

Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  1. Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  2. Let The Light Shine Down // Skydancer
  3. I Choose Life // Grateful
  4. Drinking The Moon // Endless Love
  5. Looking For Me // Endless Love
  6. Kam // Simply Slovenia
  7. Beautiful Heart // The Path of Daring
  8. I Know Your Heatbeat // The Path of Daring