One to One Sessions

“We are vibrating sound. When we vibrate out of harmony, we create dis-ease. Sacred sound helps to sing your cells back into tune”

Shirlie has developed her own unique way of working from head to toe on the human body with her pure clear voice tones which vibrate through the cellular structure, right down to core level. A sound therapy session gives the client profound relaxation where they can literally let go of stress, tension and emotions, while tones sounded through chakras (energy centres), body organs and the central nervous system help to “tune” the body back into health and harmony on many different levels.

Shirlie can also work with a client guiding them in a simple and easy process to use sound themselves together with her, to release old memory or feelings held in the body. Work in this way can literally “unpeel” some of the layers of programming from childhood and help us to experience ourselves as who we truly are.

Sound sessions last one and a half hours (Price: £60) and can be arranged in the country/area where Shirlie is currently staying or leading workshops.


Bookings can be made in the UK, Slovenia and Poland – please get in touch with the relevant organiser for more details.

United Kingdom

Shirlie Roden:

E: [email protected]


Natasa Kogoj:

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Agnieszka Jurko:

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Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  1. Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  2. Let The Light Shine Down // Skydancer
  3. I Choose Life // Grateful
  4. Drinking The Moon // Endless Love
  5. Looking For Me // Endless Love
  6. Kam // Simply Slovenia
  7. Beautiful Heart // The Path of Daring
  8. I Know Your Heatbeat // The Path of Daring