Find Your Power Sound

Date : 22 / Sep / 2018
Time : 10.30 - 17.30 pm
Address : ul. Nowolipki 21 A 01-006 Warsaw, Poland
Tel : 0048 501 528
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Warsaw, Poland

Workshop: Be the Love!

Workshop: Be The Love!

Saturday 22nd September 2018, Warsaw, Poland

(in English with Polish translation)

All information and bookings: Agnieszka Jurko [email protected]


Now, more than ever at this time of turbulence and world change, we need to find peace and security within ourselves. If, as the Buddha says: what you think, you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create, then how do we change our inner thoughts and feelings from fear and lack back to love and harmony? How do we become a magnet for all the good experiences on the planet? Working with sound meditation, visualisation, chanting and simple but effective processes, this workshop will help you to create new and positive vibrations in your emotions and your thoughts, and guide you to follow the inspiration of your dreams and personal goals. It’s time to love who you are, love what you do, and begin to Be the Love in every part of your life!




Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  1. Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  2. Let The Light Shine Down // Skydancer
  3. I Choose Life // Grateful
  4. Drinking The Moon // Endless Love
  5. Looking For Me // Endless Love
  6. Kam // Simply Slovenia
  7. Beautiful Heart // The Path of Daring
  8. I Know Your Heatbeat // The Path of Daring