Healing the Masculine

Date : 24 / Sep / 2017
Time : 10.30 - 17.30
Address : ul. Nowolipki 21 A 01-006 Warsaw, Poland
Tel : 0048 501 528
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Warsaw, Poland

Workshop: Healing the Masculine

Workshop: Healing the Masculine

Sunday 24 September, 2017, Warsaw, Poland.

(in English with Polish translation)

All information and bookings: Agnieszka Jurko [email protected] http://agnieszkajurko.pl/

What were the positive and negative lessons you learned from your parents and inherited from your ancestors? Not only do we carry programming from early childhood in the cells of our body, but very often we are also holding ancestral patterns which have been subconsciously passed down to us through the generations. Do you want to release these old energies encoded into the cells of your body? Whether you are a man or a woman, your masculine and feminine energies need to be clear and in balance, and supporting each other.

During this workshop you will be connected at the level of the heart with all of the men in your father’s ancestral line in order to heal your inner masculine.

This deep and transformational process utilises sound, meditation, visualization and regression to connect you to your ancestral energy through the heart energy of the father (or male role model), grandfather, great grandfather, and back through time with the entire masculine line. As you release patterns from childhood and ancestors, you will gain an understanding of both the challenges and gifts we carry genetically in our cellular structure, and by clearing the negative patterns stored in your body, you will be free to receive the real gifts from your male ancestors in a constant flow of Love. You will then be able to feel the ancestral power and support in your everyday life, improve the quality of your relationships with your close family, experience forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and intimacy in your heart. We will work with sound to enhance the masculine (logical, decision-making) energy to raise the level of your vibration and open yourself to receive and  to actively create what we want in our lives.

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