Date : 22 / Jun / 2019
Time : 3.30 & 7.30
Address : The Ivy Room, Ivy Lane Club, off Downing Street, FARNHAM GU9 7SB
Tel : 01252 316009
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WORKSHOPAHOLIC! A new musical by Shirlie Roden


Farnham Rep in the Farnham Flash Festival

performing a rehearsed reading of Shirlie Roden’s new play with music

Directed by: Gerry Tebbutt    Musical Director:  Millie Taylor


VENUE: The Ivy Room, Ivy Lane Club off Downing Street, Farnham GU9 7SB

MATINEE: Saturday June 22nd at 3.30pm

EVENING: Saturday June 22nd at 7.30pm


Tickets: £10 on 01252 316009 or on the door


Aditi is leading a weekend sound workshop at the Sunny Side Centre for a small group of six women and two men, hoping to relax and revitalise everyone with some basic chanting and simple exercises.  But as the day unfolds and personalities jostle for attention, it becomes clear it’s not going to be such an easy task.  Vivienne is a Mind Body Spirit devotee who believes she knows it all, while Noreen adores Tupperware and Alice focuses on controlling her diet and ensuring a safe environment.  Polish Biedronka is searching for her Welsh ancestors and aging hippy Herne is full of conspiracy theories about reptilian invaders.  Sceptical Bradley has been dragged there by his country and western music-loving friend Daloris, and Amina, desperate to be a singer, has not told her strict Asian parents she has come. Centre caretaker Joss joins in to swell the numbers as we journey through the laughter and tears as the participants let go, break down and break through to reveal who is in fact the real Workshopaholic in the group.

Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  1. Mir v dolini / Peace In The Valley // The Vanishing Lake
  2. Let The Light Shine Down // Skydancer
  3. I Choose Life // Grateful
  4. Drinking The Moon // Endless Love
  5. Looking For Me // Endless Love
  6. Kam // Simply Slovenia
  7. Beautiful Heart // The Path of Daring
  8. I Know Your Heatbeat // The Path of Daring